GIT submit emoji expression pack
When submitting commits on Git, you can always see that there are emoji packs in the descriptions of many great gods. They are colorful, and they are a popular project at first glance, but these emoji packs are not only for good looks, but represent different meanings. ...
PHP common method class
This project is used to collect and sort out the common function class libraries required for daily development. It is currently in its infancy. Friends are welcome to provide code and maintain it together to make development easier. ...
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4 / 30 , 2022 5:05
apple silicon m1 software adaptation progress
It's been a while since Apple's M1 chip device was announced, but some may still be on the sidelines. Whether the common software required for daily office and study can be adapted to the Mac equipped with the M1 chip is also a problem that everyone worries and considers. ...